5 Traps to Avoid When Selecting a Family Dentist

dental checkGoing to a good emergency dentist Virginia beach and taking care of your teeth should be one of your top priorities. Not keeping up on this sort of thing can really take a bite out of your preservation, not to mention your wallet. Do not assume for one second that there are not scams happening in the dental world. You have as much chance of getting taken advantage of in the dental world, as you would any place else. Below there are about 5 scams you need to avoid when selecting a dentist.

1) Just because there is a degree on the wall, this does not mean you are safe. Make sure the dentist is providing worthwhile treatment to you and your family. Does your dentist do work that you actually need? Will the dentist bill you for the work provided? Does he do it only with phantom work? Phantom work is when the insurance bills you for work you have never had done. This will run your bank account dry, all while padding his wallet big time. Do not fall for it.

2) Make sure your dentist is not doing something called “upcoding”. This is when your dentist will charge you for routines you had done, but then add on to it. It is sort of like “phantom dentistry”, but this takes it to the next level. One simple tooth cleaning may be upcoded to a deep cleaning. A simple extraction may be upgraded to a more complicated one. Question every bill that comes in the mail. Based on the response your dentist gives you, you will know what to do.

3) Always sit down with your dentist and get a list prior to any work being done. Ask him or her to estimate the cost to you. Sometimes multiple claims are submitted. The dentist quotes one price and then he submits for additional costs. You must question everything. Have him or her outline what is actually needed versus what is not. Some dentists will take advantage of unsuspecting clients. I had it happen to me once. I never went back there again. It will become a bit of a “red flag” issue when your dentist questions why you are doing this. The genuine dentists will not have a problem with this.

dentist4) Is your procedure being supported by the American Dental Association. Some procedures end up being counter-productive. They do more harm than good. The best example I can give you is the Amalgam routine. Does your dentist suggest you have yours removed? Head to exit if he or she suggests it. In this case, it is safer to leave them in, instead of taking them out.

5) Some dentists will take advantage of people who leave their vulnerability out, front and center. This happened to me once. They suggested I had all of these unnecessary procedures. The idea is to get in and take care of the problem and leave. Become skeptical of any dentist who suggests you have implant work, when all is needed is a simple removal.