Finding A Good Dentist

The 5 Ways To Spot A Good Dentist In Your Area

dentistPicking a good dentist in your area may seem like a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Here are the 5 sure-fire ways you know you have found one.

1) Does he or she listen to what you are saying actively? There is a difference between listening to a person and hearing what they are saying. A good dentist will not rush you into anything. I had this happen when I first moved back down here to Florida. I went to a dentist who began pressuring me into all sorts of dental work related to porcelain veneers. I found the nearest exit very quickly. Pay attention to the vibes they give you. Make sure the dentist is both listening and cares about you at the same time.

2) Does he educate you on the facts? A good dentist will take the time to educate you properly.

3) Make sure he does not sell you anything. His job is to take care of your teeth, not upsell to you.

4) A clean office is happy office.

5) Most dentists who are reliable seek a long-term relationship with you. It may be time to seek out someone new if he treats you like a one-time thing.

5 Red Flags to Be Aware of in Your Local Dentist Office

dentist1) The staff should be asking you for your prior dental records. The first office I came to down here, after I moved back to Florida, they never did this. They just went on and proceeded to offer up treatment. This is a red flag. Head for an exit now.

2) they do not care about taking care of germs. A good dental office will care about keeping the place free of germs.

3) They recommend doing extensive work on someone who needs a simple tooth cleaning. This is a major red flag.

4) They have a reputation but in a bad way. This is another sign something is wrong.

5) They do not treat their staff well. How they treat their staff will say a great deal. It will give you a sign on how they will treat you.